DIY Ideas for Halloween 1

I hope this is not too late for those who are scurrying about in desperate search for costumes where its almost sold out in most places, or are dreading late delivery dates. Tutus/Petticoats are great for costumes, you can wear them on the outside or underneath your costume to give it that extra poof! However, that they often come at pretty expensive prices. Often $30 and above.

My friend & i made tutus for our costumes, mine cost $7.50 and her’s $10.50

All you need is about 3-4 yards of tulle, ribbon/elastic band !

You can watch dozens of tutorials from youtube, such as this .

Here’s our end product, Elyse is going to the Red Queen for Halloween and she is wearing the tutu outside. She is also wearing the corset i wore for my highschool prom night, so her gorgeous costume did not have to come together with a crazy price tag.

 i’m wearing my tutu underneath my snow white costume to give the skirt a little poof and layering effect!

Here i am also working on my friend Aldon’s huntsman costume. It’s almost done. The feeling is great, there’s so much fun in DIY-ing and getting custom made costume at a much lower price. Here i am using PVC leather for his huntsman vest!

X I hope this helps! X & have fun!

Have a great weekend.


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