Safe Haven II

Creativity & style is not something money can help you achieve definitely

Here’s an update of my room, because i have brought home some new ‘rubbish’ and you can check out my previous room tour post here . I actually filmed a video, but the voice over was terrible and i was not completely satisfied with how it turned out. So i will not upload it. I still feel that i have more control over photos as compared to videos.

X Hat Stand X

This hat stand was picked up on the streets. It was old and rusty, the blue paint was peeling off. In short, it was ugly. I passed by it twice and suggested to my friend that i should carry it home because i saw potential in the design/structure of this hat stand. The third time i passed by it (fortunately it was still there and it wasn’t picked up by the rubbish truck) i carried it home by myself.

My friend and i sand off the peeling layer of blue paint, and painted it white (paint left over from painting my bed) and sprayed the rusty hooks gold. It’s as good as new now!

Brace yourself for some ugly pre-makeover pictures. Because this is wood, i checked for termites before bringing it home and i sprayed pesticide all over before sanding & cleaning it.

I know we didn’t do a clean job for the base, but i’ll re paint the overlapped parts soon!

Postcards & pictures from Hong Kong & Swiss, each postcard holds a very special memory &  meaning to me.

The wall against my craft table

A lamp i bought from the second hand store, i love the transparent stand design, it worked for a week and the light went off one night. It wasn’t the bulb’s problem, i need to take time to fix it. Second hand/thrifted item troubles ! It is still pretty as a table decoration though.

My mom demands that i put some of my shoes in my own room. I display the ones i wear frequently, and the rest are hidden under my open rack and in shoe boxes. *how many Halloween props have you spotted ?

The crown is for my bestfriend’s red queen costume. (A DIY halloween post will be up this weekend!)

A thrifted green plate with gold detailing to put funky eyewear &  accessories that i can grab on my way out.

New necklace stand claiming its authority on my craft table

Do look forward to the weekend DIY halloween post! X

Have a great weekend!


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