Skeleton Magician

Rocking my ‘new’ DIY skeleton pants! X pumping up the look with a tall hat from diaso!

Sometimes, its really hard not to care about what people think of you.

Joy division tank from H&M, i’m so slow, i didn’t know joy division was a band.. I bought the tank top because i loved the purple white washed tone and the words ‘unknown pleasures’. Okay , not too late, at least now i do know.


X My sunday morning alone living a malibu dreammm! X

and writing about the idea of simplicity & complexity. People crave for complexity in their lives, they seemed addicted to making their life more complex than it really is.

Here with my travel diary, chaque jour est une bonne jour. Everyday is a good day!

Happy weekends and to a fulfilling & adventurous week ahead.


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