Mr T-shirt Marker, je t’adore!

Since i feel that no one really fancy reading boring details and steps on how to make the following stuff, i’ll just post a couple of pictures of what i did with my recent obsession with t-shirt markers.

I saw the skeleton leggings i wanted so badly from Romwe, but honestly, i wouldn’t pay 30 bucks for a pair of leggings. So picked up this pair of old acid washed jeggings and started drawing on it with a 3bucks T-shirt marker. I will be styling this in my next outfit post! X

Of course its good to try to sketch the skeleton first, here are some of my ugly early sketches. horrible. If you’re not confident , like how i was, just go with the simplest sketch.

Boring denim short? Think again.

How could one possibly feel bored while playing around with Mr T-shirt marker ?

Mais allez, un peu d’espoir. C’est ne pas fini. :’)

J’etais bien triste, mais maintenant, c’est bien. Je suis allais trouver bonheur X

BACK TO WORK! X performing at Esplanade tonight, there’s alot to learn.



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