Fairy-Tale Picnic

Here’s the invitation card i sent out to the homes of my friends through mail.

I can’t even express how glad and touched i am that all my friends made the effort to follow the dresscode!

Food & Drinks List // La norriture et Les Boissons

1) Honey chips, dried fruits & nuts mix bowl
2) Corn beef with egg mayo, lettuce , cheery tomato and spread cheese Sandwich
3) Tomato fussili
4) Cupcakes & Muffins
5) Chocolate pie with pomogranade
6) Lemon custard Cake
7) French desert wine, MOSCATO.
8) Fruit juice – Lemonade
The door gifts

Birthday Kisses from Bestfriend & Sister

Eating my chips, fruits & nut mix while waiting for others to arrive!

Still waiting, thus the empty plates and cake stand.Customized cups & plates 

* fabric tape & Russian dolls Stickers

Pastel colored utensils

Welcoming our Guest of Honour

& my beautiful & charming friends

Where is Michelle ? She’s still on her way!

X Silicone Cups for tomato pasta X

 Mouth full

 Here’s me scooping pasta! haha //////////////////////////////////////////////////////

How i look when my battery level is at -0.05% after having too much fun. Here are my helium balloons with my 19 wishes.

X A short part 2 will be posted with a Video! X

Thankyou to all my friends who made this day so magical!

& for all the lovely wishes on twitter, facebook, whatsapp, message, and private messages.


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