Valentino for New York City Ballet

“Ballet speaks to me because of the romance I see in it…I realize the dancers do so much to be perfect, and in high fashion I always wanted perfection.” – Valentino 

This Season Valentino is designing costume for New York City Ballet , he is 80 years old this year and have retired from the fashion industry.

“I stopped because in the ‘fashion world,’ I had done almost everything, and fashion was taking a direction I didn’t like,” he told the Huffington Post.

His designs were for the fall production of  Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin and for pieces set to music by Duke Ellington, Fred Astaire, Max Richter and Dinah Washington.

Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin brief synopsis :  The story concerns a selfish hero who lives to regret his blasé rejection of a young woman’s love and his careless incitement of a fatal duel with his best friend.

Eugene Onegin is a well-known example of lyric opera; the libretto very closely follows Pushkin’s original, retaining much of his poetry, to which Tchaikovsky adds music of a dramatic nature.

This Sept. 12, 2012 image released by the New York City Ballet shows principle dancer Wendy Whelan wearing a Valentino Garavani costume in New York.

Listen to the overture here!

or watch principal dancer from NYCB’s interview.

have a good weekend


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