DIY Studded Sneakers

When my B&W oxfords completely fell apart last Sunday, i knew i had no choice but to get a new pair of shoes immediately. There was no way i could make it home without shoes. So i walked into NewLook & gotten my hands on this pair of Hudson & Rose maroon high cut sneakers.

Sneakers are so casual, so to add that extra oomph ! to my sneakers i decided to add some studs on it! Although the studs i ordered arrived smaller then i expected, the result was still fantastic!

Here are the things you would need :

1) A pair of worn/new sneakers (obviously)

2) Studs (7-12mm)

3) Hot glue / fabric glue

4) Flat tip screw driver/ penny

5) Black / white felt fabric

*the black fabric in the picture is not felt, i changed to felt fabric afterwards. 

* The maroon color turns out really bright in the picture.

1) Untie the lace before studding. (This sounds like common sense)

2) Starting studding, and remember to plan your desired patterns ahead!

3) Get a flat-tip screw driver/ penny to help you secure the studs.



4) Measure the area/shape of your studs after finish your pattern, and cut the same pattern on the felt fabric.

5) Using a hot glue gun, stick the fabric felt where the stud edges are exposed inwardly.

& you’re done!  Fini! 

Have Fun! ~


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That’s all! Have a good week ahead!



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