Birthday DIY DECO II

Here’ s the second DIY idea for my birthday.

“Origami hearts”

You can put them into a glass bottle or simply stick them into the grass during the picnic. Since the dress code i have decided revolves around pastel/sherbet colors, i picked up these origami papers from DIASO (again)

Here’s what you need

1. Origami paper (your desired size and pattern)
2. Satay sticks / wooden chop sticks
3. Scotch-tape/ fabric tape

I followed the origami instructions here , heart shapes are one of the easiest to make, because i gave up folding a flower.

Remember, while sticking your stick onto the hearts, the sharper end should be facing down, because thats the part where it will poke through the soil ! Unless you’re using it purely for home deco .

I decided to use the floral fabric tape because it looked prettier than normal scotch-tape! I can’t wait to show you guys how the whole picnic set up would be!

Anyway, i hope you enjoyed this short post! Have a good weekend!


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