Double Trouble

Part 2 of our Saturday afternoon pictures.

Elyse is wearing my DIY denim distressed & studded shorts & her own sheer striped blouse.

I’m Wearing a horizontal striped maxi dress with a distressed denim vest (both pieces from Hong Kong)

We are both wearing brogues/oxfords because its a Saturday, we want to just feel laid back and especially when we go thrifting and digging through piles of clothes and second hand treasures.

Say farewell to the black & white oxfords Elyse is wearing, after serving me for 1 year, the soles came off completely on Sunday.

I just ordered a bunch of studs & spikes from Ebay, i hope they arrive soon so i can do more DIY nonsense to my clothes!

I bought this ring from the thrift store, its so simple yet there’s something very exquisite about it.

Can’t wait for saturday to come again! X


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