DIY Fairytale Hair Wreath

We’re about 2 weeks away from my birthday, and i decided to post a series of DIY projects on my blog to show you guys the process of preparation for the party. We’re  holding a picnic party this year and the theme is Fairy tale’. 

What makes me happy is not just the day of celebration itself but the time i spend preparing for it, and coming up with new ideas everyday. I like to work around budget because the squeeze will boost your creativity and imagination.

I’m going to make a Hair-wreath for myself to wear on that day.

Here are things you will need :

1) Wreath Deco
2) Fake flowers 
3) Fabric flowers
4) Hot Glue Gun/Fabric Glue
5) Left over ribbons or fabric pieces
6) Faux Apples / Cherries  (optional)
7) Wooden butterfly buttons
8) Golden braid/ ribbon 

1) Remove the thorns with a flat-tip screw driver or whatever works for you.

2) Start with the smaller fabric flowers and glue them onto the wreath with a glue gun.

*tip : You do not have to glue them apart at exact distance, just glue them however you feel like it. DIY products were never meant to be neat or to look like mass produced goods.

3) Go head with bigger flowers & faux/artificial fruits after the smaller ones. 

Tip : for smaller fabric flowers apply the glue on the flower itself, for bigger flowers/fruits measure the position it will be placed and apply the glue on the wreath instead of applying it on the flower to avoid having excess glue flowing out on areas where the flowers do not touch the wreath. 

4) Glue on some wooden butterfly buttons 

5) Twine the golden braid/ ribbon around and through the wreath

 no fairy theme would be done without some butterflies & golden shimmery colors.

6) Attach your excess fabric / ribbon onto the back of the wreath 

Mine came with a ring, if yours doesn’t just twine them through the wreath itself.

& you’re done


While shopping for wreaths , do not be embarrassed to put it on your head to try the sizes because not all wreath fits. I had to try on 3 different wreaths before finding one that fits my head.

(You can replace the golden braid/ribbon with golden paint instead)

Have fun !~

More DIY post coming up, tell me what you think of it ! X


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