Safe Haven I

It is important to understand that our room will never be perfect, it will never be the way we want it to be. Even if we were given the opportunity to design every single inch of our room, there will always be imperfection. Hence we should rejoice in the fact that there are always room for improvement, there are always new ideas and challenges we could come up with.

*learn to work with old furnitures instead of purchasing new ones all the time*

Paint, pictures, fabric and flowers, they help to make the difference.

visit second-hand stores in seek of treasures

Visit your local fabric stores and bring home some pretty inexpensive patterned fabric home.

 They can either reinforce your room's color palette or give it a pop of color! 

Display your favorite things, its your haven, noone will judge how superficial you are. 

*Pay attention to details*

*Favourite books & diary beside my bed*

{Daily devotion book "extraordinary women" ; Diary

Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar ; Gaskell's North&South 

Yeats' lovepoetry ; Untold missionary stories }

I personally prefer reading books than using my phone on the train.

Make an effort to make your bed every morning
 *choose bed sheets that are made of cotton/linen and colors that look fresh and clean*

Display timeless pieces on a dessert plate
Plate & Antelope figurine from The Mushroom Stall Hong Kong
Classic hooks from Homeless & The Mushroom Stall Hongkong

Chanel musical box & Porcelain circus box

Gifts from 2 of the most important people in my life.

Woven storage from Ikea & Japanese Slippers from Diaso

*keep things looking fresh & crisp*

*Dig out Christmas ornaments as daily decorations*


I hope you like this post part II coming up.

Happy Holidays!


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