Stripes & Shoulder Pads

I bought this blazer half a year ago in Hong Kong, however i never quite had the chance to wear it in Sunny Singapore. The weather have been unusually cold for the past few days, so i took the opportunity to wear it ! I added the  green belt to break the monochrome colors. All accessories worn in this outfit are hand-made & designed by me. *proud grin

x[Chained & Bounded]x hand chain! Love the Greek beads details.

My current favourite earring from Diva !

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, i have been really busy recently!

Have a good week!


2 thoughts on “Stripes & Shoulder Pads

  1. OMG, u r beautiful! So you bought this in Hong Kong. I used to live in Guangzhou and went to HK six times a year. I’ve never been to Singapore, but I really want to go.

    • Lorene Theodora says:

      Thanks! I was born in HongKong so i go there every year! So i guess you must be fluent in Chinese! 😉

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