T-ARA Cosplay Bar & Cafe

T-ara Cosplay Bar & Cafe is located right along Singapore river’s Boat quay.

I had a difficult time deciding what i want to eat there, because i wanted everything. Their menu provides an extensive range of food, such as pasta, steaks, seafood platters and pizza! I was actually in awe at how generous their servings was!

This place plays soothing music and the scenery there is just amazing!

The waitress are all dressed in decent and pretty cute cosplay uniforms , nothing sleazy, no messy wigs, they just give the place a different vibe among other pubs and bars there!

 Enjoying the fresh air, wind and breath-taking wind. This place allowed me to escape my problems for awhile x

For a Seafood Maniac like me, i ordered the battered Calamri Rings, it’s one of the best i ever had, so juicy and chewy! It definitely taste better than it looks! My flash photography did no justice to the calamaris ! hehe

They offer a large range of drinks and many of  them are specially designed and mixed by this cafe!

We ordered the T-ara Anime Cocktail, it is so smooth and the alcohol taste is just right, nothing too overwhelming or harsh!

& also, if you’re not a fan of alcoholic drinks they also have fruit juice and soda, they also offer unique mix of fruit juice, i ordered the passion-orange-guava mixed juice, i absolutely love it !

The waitress there are so friendly and cute! They are also very attentive to our needs, i think their service is awesome. Elyse like her usual self, clumsy and always dropping utensils (a part of our every meal experience together) , they came with new ones almost immediately even when we did not ask for them!

This BLT pizza satisfy my never ending cravings for vegetables.

This pizza has tomato base, bacon, lettuce and cheese! 

(i’m a secret herbivore, its like if i do not eat vegetables for one day i might go crazy)

To appease the frightening meat devouring girl aka Elyse, we ordered the  T-ARA Chicken sampler!

it includes buffalo chicken wings, boneless chicken bites, beer battered wings and their signature teriyaki wings! 

I’m sorry my flash did not do much justice to the appearance of the food ..again!

the sampler also came with 3 types of sauce, spoilt for choice? Definitely! Bien sur !

Honey mustard,, sour cream and chili mayo dips! 

After finishing your food, you can go to the music bar upstairs – K-ARA, where you can have a more private area  to chill with your friends, if you’re lucky you get to watch live acoustic performances too!

I’m definitely going back there again !

T-ARA cosplay bar & cafe is located at :

63 Boat Quay

Opening hours : 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, 5:00 pm – 1:00 am

call 6438 8331 to make your reservations or you can also book the place to host events and parties!



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