Le Jardin ~ The Garden

Retreating from all the crazy colors and back to something cooling and minty.

Its true when people say music reflects the emotional aspect of the person, you hear what’s in their soul, you hear what they are made of. The danger comes when music reveals your ugliness.. I have been more and more aware of how arrogance and pride can be shown so easily through a person’s voice  no matter how good his/her techniques are. As a singer, confidence is important, but so is humility. The lack of confidence destroys a performance, but arrogance and over-confidence is worst. Your life experiences mould your voice, for example how Anna Netrebko can sing more dramatic roles after giving birth and spending more times learning to nurture her son. Likewise, pride and arrogance, like a deadly disease that spreads throughout your body can mould your voice to become harsher as the years go by and eventually breaks it. I’ve witness it. I pray for humility and appropriate amount of confidence as i continue to sing.

Goodnight X


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