What’s Good for you ?

I thought i could help some of you save some money by telling you what are some products that i have used, which are not effective or even bad for you. So i made a short video on 3 products I love using recently and 3 products i regret buying (total waste of $ ).

Anyway, regarding products from Eau Thermale Avene, its alittle pricey but not as expensive as high end brands.. It is sold at Watsons. Their foaming cleanser is one of the best i have used so far. Especially if you have oily sensitive skin like mine.  The cleansing foam, toner and purifying scrub in all cost $90.  What i love most about their products is that they are very gentle to the skin and yet they do their cleansing job very well.

Disclaimer : the products i regret buying didn’t work for me, but they may work for you, its a personal thing. 

I hope you find this video useful !


You can leave me a comment here or in youtube if you want to know more! ^.^V

Updated : Recently i have noticed that some people have used my blog pictures for their own use, it is okay to use my pictures but please link the picture back to my blog. Thank you.


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