Creativity for hair

Sick of the usual ribbons and hairbands ? Here’s something that you can take away today.

We can actually use our necklace or broken jewelry pieces as hair accessories, this would create a more unique look & style. Something refreshing or daring makes you feel better about yourself!

1) Pastel beads crown.

Remember those beads you had while you were a little girl, all those pastel and pink stuff ? string them together to get this look. Occasionally add slightly bigger pieces like a gem or a star to your design.

anyway this makeup & picture coloring is inspired by ZA makeup spring/summer makeup ad

2) Broken jewelry clip

Just attach a bobby pin or clip any space you can find on the jewelry.

3) Necklace crown 

Creating a very Grecian / Egyptian look with your chunky necklace. If you find this look too overwhelming for ordinary day use, this look would be perfect for prom, wedding dinners and costume parties.

So stop spending extra money on boring hair accessories, make your own or just reuse your necklace!

Have fun & feel confident X


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