Fear of heights

Wearing my mom’s vintage lace blouse, and my hot pink St Louis bag.

I love the vibrant colors St louis got to offer this season.

So this weekend i finally found the time to do some proper shopping in town. I think brogues are the most comfortable choice that day if i’m walking non-stop for 7hours straight. Didn’t know shopping can be so tiring.

Aldon and I ended the day with an overwhelming amount of shopping bags in our hand..

We want everything, we want more.. but we don’t need it. So sometimes people (like myself) need to learn to stop and appreciate what we have! I’m the kind of person who doesn’t shop often and suddenly i will just bring home a luggage full of clothes X.x. So usually most of my clothes are bought in Hongkong and rarely in Singapore.

i am addicted to making scrapbook wishlist on my Samsung galaxy note nowadays~! Anyway i managed to get everything on my wishlist that day although the details were not exactly the same.

When you go shopping , comfort is priority, wear something that’s easy to remove so you can try on clothes easily.

BIG O with an amusing menu with amusing pictures hehe

bacon wrapped with chicken leg.

tuna sandwich ! (i’m a sandwich person, i prefer bread to rice actually)



Have a good week ahead!


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