x[Keeper’s secret]x

I made these double studded feather cuffs today, i love making accessories/ jewellry for myself and friends because they are always one of a kind. Special like no other. Just like people. We’re all special in our own ways ..

Anyway if you have noticed, the matching double metal cuffs are appearing on so many fashion sites, so i thought, maybe i don’t want metal.. I love the look but i thought metal would be alittle common soon, so i made matching double FEATHER cuffs with studs! I bought 1.5m of feather from hongkong, i just love the DIY street there. DIY people will go crazy like i did. I spent like 800HKD just buying materials there. Hehe.

I made one for my friend’s birthday, but i made her’s with eagles and crosses!

I forgot to take a picture of it though..

Here’s mine, plain studs. **welcome, and applause** hahah

x[Keeper’s secret]x

I’ll show you guys how i wear it in my next outfit post! x

& forget the world, have some apple milkshake, my favourite ! No sugar added just fresh apple & full cream milk.


goodnight, remember to love yourself ! have confidence and faith (reminding myself too)


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