Spring & Dirty Orange

This silk dress is extremely comfortable and i love its cutting. I’ve been really into orange colored clothings!

The weather have been atrocious here in Singapore. Adding a scarf or an extra accessory seems like a chore to me.

Bought this ruby red faux leather Loewe Bag from a flea recently, its new and still has its tag on!

i love its colour combination. If you have noticed, i have been hanging this bunny card holder from ANS on my bags, thats because i discovered that by placing my ezlink there, i save so much trouble of having to dig out my card from the bag! Now every bag looks kiddy with it! Anyway ANS is one of my favorite girly brand, they only have stores in Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan n Korea. Everything there is crazily cute n pretty. My Aunt bought me a makeup pouch, this card holder and a handbag from ANS, i’ll show u guys next time.

Anyway, Happy April Fool’s day! I messaged my bestfriend and told her that this guy x have proposed to me, my parents have agreed and we’re getting married this year. Hahahah i told her we got to go out and hunt for a pretty dress soon. haha She totally believed me! haha! What on earth! I think she forgot that its April already, that’s highly likely!

Hope you guys have a great week ahead!



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