I’ve been eating alone at home more than usual recently. It gets alittle lonely and i would lose the drive to cook for myself. I have little or no appetite when i have to eat alone. So this week,  i tried to work alittle harder for myself so i would stop wasting money on food delivery.

My Version (inspiration from my aunt from Sweden)

Cucumbers, lettuce, Macaroni, corn, baby carrots, multi seeds , moringa powder, olive oil & lemon juice.

My Aunt’s version. (photo from way back)

This is what i would make for breakfast (below) if i run out of wholegrain cereals & granolas. Oh, i’m extremely lazy to go downstairs to get fresh milk too, so if i run out of either one of the things i’ll have to eat this! haha

My favourite Watermelon cut into a weird ball shape! haha! Fresh jam from this farm in Chiangmai.

& finally, Macarons from Enqing. Was meant for my mom, but i pleaded for some. Hehe Thanks Enqing, this is way better than the bakerzin one, hated that. Completely in love with this one.



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