Red Lining

I don’t think i did justice to this Ben Sherman blazer that i purchased recently in Hongkong. I’m a complete fan of verticle stripes. The moment I saw this blazer in the shop, i knew i had to get it ! The red inner lining completely blew me away. I guess i’ll do another outfit post for this gorgeous blazer.

I think the next big thing apart from this detachable collar hype would be matching hand cuffs/bangles.

Rarely see any guys looking this good in a brown shirt. Aldon could really carry it off!


Today, i fell down while cycling to the swimming pool. My newly bought bicycle completely flipped over. No passerby helped at all. Luckily i did not have any serious injuries, just a deep cut on my toe and slight sprain on my back. I hope to recover soon so i can swim again. I’m really disappointed with the people here in singapore. Not everyone is like that, but majority are, sadly.

XX have a blessed week.


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