Rain on me

We heard the thunder, we saw the lightning, .. i decided that i wanted a raining shoot where the sky would look gloomy and my hair, dress and face would be drench and rain dripping down my cheeks. I quickly changed into the plainest dress my mom made for me 5years ago, grab the simplest hair wreath. The only thing missing? The rain. It wasn’t heavy enough, sadly.

We tried pouring 3 bottles of water on me, but i didn’t look drench enough in the photos. Nevermind, next time.

The pictures turned out completely different. The sun came out.. shinning with pride.

Anyway i will be selling my last 2 fairy-dust flower wreath (as worn above) at the flea on 10th March at concorde hotel!

I’ll be setting up a stall with one of my friend, and i’ll be selling all accessories from WearBianca! in addition, vintage bags & shoes.


Lunch = Wholemeal bread with tuna, cheese, ham & strawberries.

Have a great week ahead! X


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