Betty Boop on the mummy ride in the Jurassic Park!

I went Universal studios yesterday with a few good friends.

Since it was a non peak weekday, there was absolutely no queue, so we went for rides after rides and shows and rides.. etc. I was playing so much that i started feeling quite nausea especially after the mummy ride! Wow that’s a scary one! Anyway i think its great since we’re paying lesser for a non peak ticket and yet we get to enjoy so much of the place.

my terrible attempt at imitating the mummy’s striaght face.

Sorry for the very puffy skirt, i was wearing safety pants inside, and you can actually see it in the pictures when there’s this lace sticking out! haha

Oh, i love the water ride at jurassic park! I wanted to go again, but we didnt have time and had to move on. I’ll go again next time.. i’ll do it at least 3 times hahahah!

On the picture on the right, i was already extremely exhausted, and u can see my messy hair.



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