Valentine’s Day

I know i’m alittle late to blog about Valentine’s Day.

Although people are ranting about how Valentine’s day is just a commercialized thing and how if you’re in a serious r/s everyday is Vday. However, i still marvel over the pink & red heart shaped balloons i see on the streets, i still smile to myself when i see sweet couples holding hands and girls holding a bouquet of beautiful roses. I think we do not need to be so skeptical and cynical about every celebration..

Obviously, i do not have a date.. but i decided to make something for my friends.


For Aldon, he is the best guyfriend i ever had.


For Elyse, my bestfriend since i was 14.

That’s about it. I’m going to get materials later at our local stores to write some cards for my other close friends.

Anyway, I found these beautiful buttons while searching for some materials in my mom’s room. She have many pretty things but she never use them. Or rarely to be accurate. I find buttons so underrated in fashion designs. I’ll see what i’m going to do with them. They are really quaint.

That’s all for now.. I’m beginning to feel inspired & energized again after feeling depressed for 2 weeks ever since i came back from Hongkong.

X Love.


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